This past year has been a struggle for many business owners, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make 2021 a better year. Why not give your staff a brand new look to promote your business?

If you’re looking for reasons to update your uniforms and you’re not sure how it will affect your bottom line, let ATX Promotions help you determine the best way to present your brand. Below you’ll find three awesome tips that we use to help customers make the best possible choices.

Get Rid of the Generic

Brands are memorable. What adjustments can you make to your uniform to make sure customers remember what store they were at when they saw your product, or what service technician it was that helped them? Find a way to stand out among the crowd. Make sure they remember your brand over your competitors.

Clean and Clear Branding Draws Attention

Your brand defines you. Your company name and logo are a stand-a-lone brand that should tell who you are and what you do. If it doesn’t currently do that, you’re missing out on easy recognition. There are easy ways to add something—maybe a tagline or short sentence. Our screen printing and embroidery shop is staffed with experienced graphic designers and embroidery techs who can help you determine small changes that can help your brand stand out.

Quality Says More than Words Can

Quality counts. Replacing the old uniform with the same product really limits your potential for change. Why not upgrade your sales team’s polos to a nice Adidas or Nike golf shirt? It’s a small upfront investment, but every customer who sees your logo professionally embroidered on a shirt will know that your company is about quality. And isn’t that the message we all want to communicate to our clientele?

The New Year deserves a new look. Your employees are an extension of your brand. ATX Promotions can help you select the best corporate uniform for your field employees or office employees, and we’ll help you find the look that will be remembered.